Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Haven't Got Time for the Pain

I’m imagining I’m somewhere else. Somewhere I could buy Percocet, or OxyContin, or Vicodin over the counter.

My brain is aching, like it’s in the grip of a vice, and so far the contents of my bathroom mirror aren’t enough to induce a surrender.

Headache Tiff reared her ugly head this morning and we’ve been fighting all day. I want her to go away. I realize it makes me sound like I’ve got a few personalities knocking around in here but we all have off days. When we’re not quite ourselves. But I’m being overly generous with myself. It’s me without the gloves.

I guess this could deteriorate into a passage about how I’m actually a really horrible person who has to struggle every single day to fight the natural man. How I wish I was like those ladies I see at church. So together, so naturally sweet and mild.

True Confession Time. I love prescription pain killers. Don’t get me wrong; I’m really careful with them. I’ve had one-time prescriptions with each birth as well as for things like a miscarriage and gall bladder surgery. I hoard them, making them last until they expire, using them only for this kind of headache. I love how they melt them away. How I sleep dream-free, like a rock.

I took a nap this afternoon in the hopes of waking pain-free. What I woke to was Michael Jr. screaming that the kids were watching a show they shouldn’t watch on Sunday. The boy opened my door, saw me asleep, and proceeded. The vice grip tightens.
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  1. THAT my friend is amongst the BEST photo I have seen in my life!!!!


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