Monday, August 31, 2009


This is it. The final day of summer vacation. Of course it goes without saying that we didn’t pick up our middle school schedules until this morning. Anything else would have required a level of forethought and organization to which I only aspire*.

Chief Jo Middle School. Sierra’s all business as we walk up but Michael, well, he’s a bit apprehensive. What if I don’t have all the right supplies on the first day? What if I don’t have time to get to my classes? When’s lunch? Are we even allowed to be here today? Mom? Mom! Aren’t you listening to me???

No, not really.

Because it’s been a long, long summer of middle school talk. The stories! The horrors! But my friend told me it really happened! I’d say there’s no end in sight but I'm hopeful that this is the end in sight. Frankly, I think that if they aren’t both bullied, offered a variety of recreational drugs, and shown porn by week’s end they’ll be a little disappointed.

At the office I asked for their schedules. I got a combination eyebrow raise and look down the nose. “Did you receive a call that they’re ready?” School starts tomorrow; I sure hope I did. Formalities out of the way, I grabbed the sheets and a few maps and held them high above my head, playing Keep Away. Out in the hall I handed them each a schedule and watched as looks of panic rush across their faces. I tried so, so hard not to laugh. A smile did slip through of which I’m still not completely forgiven.

What was so funny? It sure wasn’t Michael’s placement in Pre-Algebra (he took Algebra last year). I was laughing because although he was placed in the Technology class he wanted (that just sounds fake to me; like it could be about ANYTHING), he noticed he was also expected to show up in Home and Family class. Oh that is rich! And Sierra. Dear, sweet Sierra. Just yesterday her father was commenting on the fact that she wasn’t singing in church. That she never sings in church. “I CANNOT sing!” she yelled. Sierra’s got Concert Choir third period.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

But before we can locate classrooms on the maps, the joke’s on me; I’ve been nabbed by a fellow parent and put on the 8th grade End-of-the-Year Party committee. My kids know me and they don’t even try not to laugh. My middle schoolers have the last laugh today.

*I’m only serious. But no, we would have been much more with it but the final decision to send these two to public school came a little late.
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  1. Good luck to Sierra and Michael tomorrow. The first day of school is always a big deal! Hopefully Michael doesn't have to show up for pre-algebra. If he has already had algebra what other options are open? I remember when one of my kids couldn't find that they were registered for any classes only to discover that their name had been reversed and listed incorrectly. Face it "KEITH" usually is a first name, but not not necessarily if you are Scottish.

  2. ::Sigh:: That was the perfect end to a stress filled day! Thank you for the laugh! Good luck to the kids! :)


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