Monday, August 24, 2009

Girl Can't Help It

I think I would like to live on a lake. I would also like to roll over and pass out right now I’m so tired but this is my journalblog and I’ve promised, promised, promised myself I will make it to the end of the year without skipping days. I have to admit, I’m shocked at my own persistence. I can’t say this is Normal.

My van is big but not big enough; we had to take two cars today. We’d been invited to spend the day at the home of some friends on Summit Lake and it couldn’t have been a nicer day for it. We cranked Journey on the way because Sam loves “Don’t Stop Believin’” and it was a welcome respite from Josh’s constant request for the Chipmunk version of “Boom Boom Pow”. I’m probably a complete freak in this department (as well as assorted others) but there are Journey songs I could hear over and over and never tire. This is one of them.

When we arrived, the first thing Sierra noticed was the pedal boat. Can I go on it can I go on it can I go on it? That kept the kids busy for hours and wore them out nicely. I like worn out kids when the time’s right. Later in the afternoon Amanda took the kids out on one of those 3-seater floaty things you pull behind a boat and some of them loved it. Some (one) dissolved into tears because we didn’t pay proper attention to their hand signals telling us to slow down. It was still pretty darned fun(ny) from my seat on the boat. A very new experience for my kids.

The sun felt good at the time but as I lay here in bed my back feels like it’s on fire. Can you get a sunburn through a thin shirt? I guess that’s a dumb question as I lay here wondering where the aloe vera might be. This Pacific Northwest weather can trick me if I’m not careful. The worst sunburns of my life have taken place on days when it’s just breezy enough to keep me from noticing the no good the sun’s up to.

With a salmon on the grill and lots of other goodies to fill our plates, I sat with the grownups and relaxed. Except for the part where Josh climbed up me and spilled his soda down my shirt and that other part where he and Sam chased each other with ice cream cones around the deck. Also that part where Sierra repeatedly bugged Michael Jr. about becoming a teenager. I’m sure a day with my family was the gift of birth control for Amanda and Fernando; it’s an added value feature we offer and I’m happy to oblige.

And dessert! Fresh blackberry cobbler and not made from those garbage berries either. Delicious! In the immortal words of Journey (or Steve Perry or whoever wrote that song), girl can’t help it, she needs more!

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