Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get a Life

A few minutes of semi- quiet. Michael Jr. is at swimming lessons, Sierra and Sam are working on an alternate version of The Week magazine (they cut up old magazines and write their own articles and headlines—picture The Onion coming out of Jason Lee Elementary instead of the University of Wisconsin-Madison), Kenny’s playing with his GameBoy (I’m afraid it’ll have to be surgically removed from his calcified clutches by the time school starts), and Josh is glued to “The Mr. Men Show”. My portable a/c is cranked and my feet are up. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . .

Today Sierra and I visited our friend Sinar so the two of them could discuss her birthday cake. Like so many girls and women before her, she’s become fully obsessed with all things TWILIGHT. With a capital FORKS. She wants this cake to represent all four books and Sinar’s just crafty enough to pull it off without the need to send photos to Cake Wrecks afterwards to make us feel like it wasn’t a total loss. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a “Twilight” entry yet but maybe I missed it. But anyway, WOW. A house full of vampire-loving 11-12 year old girls! My ears are already ringing. I wonder if they’ve already started the process of hating boys for not being Edward?

Guess what I did last night? You’ll never guess in a million years so I’ll tell you: Last night I engaged in ADULT CONVERSATION! For an extended period of time. I know it sounds crazy but I’m totally serious. I almost felt, just for a minute or two that I actually had a social life.

Like women all over this great country, isolated by self-sufficiency and THE INTERNET, I find I’ve become a hermit. I’m bombarded daily with the chatter of children and the busyness of the daily grind around here. Days go by without speaking to another adult aside from Michael and the greeter at Wal-Mart. Michael’s great but I can’t expect him supply all of my chatty needs.

Last night we were invited to the new home of some friends of ours for a BBQ and some swimming. I was actually able to sit and talk with ADULTS for, well, it must’ve been simply hours and hours. I did have to spend most of the time keeping Josh from seeing things through to complete catastrophe (though he was still able to pitch a sprayer head at their window, open and tongue each piece of candy Kenny brought in a bag from a birthday party, pitch a pork rib at a cat, drink from each open soda can and pour one on their outdoor rug). But still, CONVERSATION! And food! That I mostly didn’t prepare! How did I ever become such a recluse?
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  1. Thanks for giving me the chance to get to know you a little better. And for letting me know that I am not alone on this crazy journey, called life. You so rock and I love to read your blog. It always gives me a lift or laugh. (usually just what I need.) Thanks. Cynthia :)


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