Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beach

This morning we got up, packed Grandma’s buckets and trowels, and headed down the road. The first stop was Main Street Cookie Co. in Rainier (they're only open three days a week so we get 'em while we can) and the next was The Beach.

Josh has been talking about going to The Beach since Mindy invited us to go a week or so ago. The kids have all been to rocky shores in and around Puget Sound but the youngest two have never been to the actual ocean. It was great to see the look in their eyes when they first saw the waves crashing. Why don’t we do this every time we visit in the summer? It’s only about 2 hours from my parent’s house.

The beachiness of it all almost undid me right from the start. I followed Mindy to park and quickly realized my van was way heavier than her car. There I was. Stuck. Tires spinning; folks staring. At one point I just stopped trying and stared back. That didn’t seem to be helping much so I tried going a little forward, a little back, a little forward, a little back. Eventually it was a lot forward. And thank goodness. Calling a tow truck would not have made my day.

When I envisioned this little trip I didn’t picture the kids getting soaked. I figured they’d get their pants wet but that’s about it. I mean it was only in the 60’s. I was so wrong. They were just totally drenched! They ran into the waves with such joy; I wish Michael could’ve been here to see it. That and Sam flying the kite he bought him. I keep thinking one day he’ll have a job that isn’t so life-sucking.

I could write a lot more but I'll end now; I still have four boys awake in this hotel room and I notice I’m veering into a completely different topic.

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