Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Sunday

The heat is still oppressive today but I hear it may let up this week. My plants need watering a few times a day and the once-a-day watering they're getting is starting to show. I watered my tomatoes this afternoon and they’re looking good. It’s the first year I’ve had any success with them which is sort of crazy since they’re supposed to grow in just about anything. Enough sun and enough water seem to be the only requirements. I found the first red one today and can’t wait to start enjoying them.

Today is the first Sunday of the month: Fast and Testimony Meeting. I forgot to remind the older kids about it so I think breakfast came and went as usual. Michael Jr.’s getting better at it but other folks, whose names will be withheld, are still at that stage where they want to, they think it’s sort of cool to do what the grown folks do, but have no ability to skip two meals with a purpose and without a lot of complaining. I don’t push it; I think it’s something they’ve got to come to on their own. I remembered the not eating part today but completely forgot to dedicate my fast, sort of defeating the purpose. Still, God knows the intentions of my heart, even if I might not be totally clued in.

We’re fully into summer now so there are Sundays, especially holiday Sundays, when the crowd is light. It was one of those days and we arrived early enough that my family actually sat in the cushioned pews. It was a fluke and not likely to happen again soon. One of the downsides to these summer Sundays, whether the crowd is heavy or light, is what I like to call The Travelogue Testimony.

When I sat down to write I was almost positive I wouldn’t mention this. I don’t want my blog to be a complaint sheet though it does feel like one sometimes. I’d like to be less of a complainer in general, and more specifically here where I’m trying to make something that represents a piece of me. I don’t imagine reading someone’s complaints is interesting (although proper comedic timing does make it work). I do write about my current struggles but it’s typically in an effort to work through them. This isn’t a struggle right now; this is just me complaining and I know it’s not attractive.

So anyway, The Travelogue Testimony. These are typically borne by older folks who have the opportunity to travel often. We hear about their trips, far flung and close to home, as well as details about their AMAZING families. Their gratitude for such good stuff is, of course, a good thing. What it isn’t, to me, is edifying. I want to hear testimonies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Of the restoration of the gospel and of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Or really anything along those lines. So there it is, I’ve once again exposed myself as sort of a jerk. I can live with it;).
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