Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Uh oh. Somehow the time slipped away from me tonight and Michael didn’t push me to drop everything and write something. I think he was afraid to push me; I was a little grumpy (this is probably a gross understatement). I started the evening by ripping apart the bathroom upstairs; completely scouring and sanitizing. It was bothering me and I couldn’t let it go till tomorrow. Then there was that pile of ironing that covered my beautiful salmon chair (my favorite piece of my dad’s artistry). Michael tells me not to bother with his ironing; he’ll do it in the morning. I just hate to have him get up earlier to do it. Truth be told, he probably tells me not to because he’ll only have to redo it. I need Tia to come teach me the fine art of ironing. It seems like it should be a no brainer but I am not great at it.

As I ironed and glowered (again, not pleasant to be around tonight) I watched the best talent show of ALL TIME: “So You Think You Can Dance”! We’ve watched this show since the first episode, just a few weeks after we moved into this house in 2005. It’s a family favorite and we never miss an episode. It sounds like a new season will start this fall and I wonder how that will set with the kids. It’s always been in the summer so they could stay up and watch it with us. Come September they’ll be getting a next-day delay. Early bedtimes rule. Okay, the kids would heartily disagree but so what?

I’ve probably mentioned before that I have a soft spot for the absurd but when folks are earnest in their absurdity, I’m completely smitten. The judges on this show say some of the most ridiculous things with totally straight faces. Then the dancers stand there nodding and smiling as if they had any idea what just went down. Lil’ C is a choreographer for the show as well as the occasional judge. I’d have to say that although all of the judges say totally outlandish things, he’s sort of cornered the market. Here’s a very short list of my favorite comments of the season (yes, I do rewind and write them down—I love words!):

“There was some nectar missing for me.”
“You have a dominant submission going on.”
"You have a distinctive atmosphere about yourself."
"It's really difficult to locate the avenue of gain when you're being chauffeured by loss. And I think every opportunity is one step closer to perpetual evolution."

How great is that? I have no idea what he’s selling but I’m buying it!

One thing we have to put up with when we watch this show is Sam’s liberal use of the phrase “Oh that’s perverted!” (I don’t know where he picked that up but he uses it to refer to any sort of outfit, move, or song even that is not completely modest in nature) and Josh’s kung-fu dancing (if you’re laying on the floor—and with five kids, there’s always a few there—there will be tears and you will be injured). Tonight it was even worse because I had out the ironing board and barked at anyone coming near it. I so didn’t need a trip to the emergency room. As luck would have it I was the only one who wound up with an injury. Like I said, I’m not real swift with the iron. But hey, my chair’s clear now.
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