Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Night

What happened to everyone tonight?

I thought I was going to dinner with the Gorleys, their kids, and several other friends but in the end it was just the Gorleys, Sierra and I. I’d have left her home if I knew there weren’t going to be any kids. If there had been other kids I think the adults could have had more of a conversation; kids can occupy themselves and become oblivious to us pretty easily. As it was, we got an earful from my girl and the things we did speak of had to be handled with carefully chosen words. Not all topics are meant for all ears.

Later I thought I might go to a party at the lake at the house of another of our classmates. I didn’t want to go by myself and Nickie didn’t call or text back. It seemed almost funny to be waiting for a friend to call about a party. Good grief; I’m a married mother of 5 and practically 40! Still, it would’ve been fun to spend some more time with her before I leave on Monday.

I finally settled in for the night with a bowl of Raisin Nut Bran and a Discovery Channel show with my parents when I remembered I had a big problem. Two boys, Kenny and Sam, who were really frustrated about going to a wedding tomorrow. I knew Kenny could behave himself whether he wanted to be there or not but Sam is a different story. It was bound to be unpleasant. I needed reinforcements.

I headed to the Yelm Wal-Mart (yet again) and went straight to the Pok√©mon card aisle. Those two will do most anything for those silly things. I’m crossing my fingers that this works.

I kept up with some conversations on Facebook throughout the evening and was surprised at how much was going on. I mean nothing was going on really, but there were a lot of comments and a lot of responses. I wish I could just get these people all in a room and play cards, Apples to Apples or let them fight each other (kidding, sort of). Commenting on comments about comments. It’s fun for a while but I’m missing real face-to-face grown up time. I want more with my husband and more with our friends.
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