Sunday, July 19, 2009


It’s time to pack up. The wedding we came over for has come and gone and life goes on starting Tuesday. I know there’s something on the calendar that day. Someone’s got something important we can’t miss. Oh! Josh has another appointment with Dr. Karen; he will be needing glasses. How in the world will I keep them on him? Maybe the improvement will be so marked he’ll never want them off. A girl can always hope.

So far I’ve spent half the summer in Yelm. I’ve had some fun but I think I’ve had my fill for awhile. I’ll never have my fill of the weather but that’s a given. I’m not a gracious desert dweller. Sweating like a pig and burning to a crisp or hiding out with the air conditioning cranked. Neither feels like living to me. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s temporary. Just another few months.

The wedding today was gorgeous. The weather was a little warm (I’ve got a bright red sunburn . . .) but we survived that part. The food was great and even the kids had a good time. Sierra even caught the bouquet which was sort of sweet since we have photos of me at the same age with a bouquet I caught. The wedding and the reception were held at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club in Olympia. This is where we had our 10 year high school reunion. I remember going by myself because Michael had just started his job at Oyster Creek and because our new house wasn’t finished, I was staying in Yelm to have Sierra over here. Michael couldn’t make it to the reunion so I went by myself. Eight months pregnant. I remember wondering what I was going to wear. Was I going to look fat (ha ha, I know!)? Would my wedding ring fit? Ridiculous anxiety over the inevitable. Still, it was enjoyable and the turnout was good. That doesn’t seem to be happening as much anymore. With the advent of, MySpace, and now Facebook, a lot of us began having reunions in the privacy of our own homes on a regular basis. In hard economic times, who wants to pay $60 for mediocre food and a D.J.?

While Tom was here I talked to him about the planning of his 20 year reunion next year. He’s considering something along the lines of an all-day barbeque with a few other activities. Something very, very inexpensive. Something people would come to even if money was tight. I think he’s onto something. With reintroductions and pleasantries already out of the way through the social networking sites we use, a lot of the initial awkwardness and the “Is that who I think it is?” questions can be laid to rest. Why bother with the fancy clothes and prom-like atmosphere? There’s such an awkwardness and almost fakeness to it. A feeling of being on display. In contrast, our years together were full of easy laughter and unguarded moments. We had fun. I think our reunions ought to be more like that.
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