Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have always been a fanatic about taking photos. For as long as I can remember. I’ve even been good about keeping them organized. And then came digital. It would make sense to think that going digital would encourage a person to be more organized. I mean it’s all on the computer, right? But no, not Tiff.

I remember how it used to be. I’d always be sure to have several rolls of film ready in the refrigerator and most of the time I would use services such as York and Clark to develop them because the price was right. I remember sifting through the envelopes to find the one with the best price and then ordering triple prints and even film sometimes. I remember the stickers they provided to label the rolls. I actually had a roll returned to me once when the envelope ripped some time during shipping. And then joy of joy! Getting the rolls back! Sometimes the results were great, sometimes not so much. I would put the photos in albums and then in 1995 I started making scrapbooks. I’d always take the negatives and put them in sleeves in three-ring binders. I had my act together.

Sometime around 1999, I think, Michael bought a digital camera. I never took to it because the quality just wasn’t great. I didn’t know how to get the photos onto the computer so it really was of no interest. I figured it was just a fad. How wrong I was! In 2005 my friend Tia bought a digital camera and showed me the kind of results she was getting. I was sold. We bought a Canon PowerShot right before Tom’s wedding in England and I’ve been hooked ever since. On the upside, there’s no expensive film and no negatives to deal with. You know what you’ve got as soon as you’ve got it; there’s really no guess work. No wasted money on bad shots and multiples of photos I’d take to be sure I got just what I wanted. I would only print out what I would use.

Except I didn’t.

I have not had any photos printed for our own albums since that wedding. I have the best of intentions but good grief, that’s four years! I think I need to make a mid-year resolution to put in some time each day organizing these photos and making albums through sites such as My Publisher or Blurb. Just one more task I wish I could clone myself for!
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  1. I completely know where you are coming from on this. The digital camera was the beginning of the end for my scrapbooking. I am good about downloading all my pictures to the computer and dating the files, but if I ever get around to printing them and putting them in a book, I will not remember enough to journal about what was happening! It is just sad.


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