Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Great to be Eight!

I really should be packing this thing up. It’s not late for me but I’ve got an awful lot to do if we want to leave first thing in the morning. My brother Tom is in Yelm for the weekend so the kids and I are headed back.

I didn’t get a thing done today that would ready us to leave but that was the plan. Today is Michael’s day off (like a lot of folks that work around here, he has every other Friday off) and it’s Kenny’s 8th birthday.

Kenny is our middle child. In fact he's almost, to the day, perfectly in the middle. Five years younger than Michael Jr., three years younger than Sierra, three years older than Sam, five years older than Josh. He's smart as a whip with a mouth to match. He arrived on the scene eight years ago with a room full of Sierra's old clothes and the name Evelyn Claire. That is until we saw the equipment he was sporting. Our midwife had it all wrong. I was fully alert (Kenny was the only completely unmedicated birth I've experienced--I arrived at the hospital at 10 cm) and very confused. Where was my girl? And what's this little guy's name? We had some quick thinking to do. Instead of naming him after my mom and her mom, we named him after my dad and my brother. He's been our comic relief ever since.

This birthday started with Kenny opening his gifts; Pokémon cards and a set of Pokémon guide books. He and Sam opened the packages, added them to their massive pile, and then made little piles, classifying them according to specifications of which I am completely ignorant. Two very happy boys. You’d have thought it was Sam’s birthday too!

Later we met Jill and her kids at the wading pool, hoping to get a feel for how our youngest boys would get along should I take on the job of caring for her two a few days a week when school starts. They all seemed to have a good time, especially enjoying the chance to check out a dragonfly up close after Kenny pulled it out of the water. I think it was also a little surreal for Kenny to be in an outside-of-school situation with his teacher.

When Tom and I were kids, this was no big deal; Mom was friends with our teachers, even our substitute teachers. My 3rd grade teacher was our next door neighbor and is still a good friend. This feels like the way it should be and something like the atmosphere we’ve enjoyed at the small private school our oldest two have attended.

We went to see “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” in the afternoon and were disappointed to find it was definitely not a movie for kids. I guess they make these movies more “adult” because the people who grew up with Transformers are older now. Unfortunately it also makes it inappropriate to share this thing they loved with their own kids. Too bad. The second film had so much more objectionable material than the first; not sure what that was about.

A few days ago I asked Kenny what he’d like for his birthday dinner. I expected a restaurant request but instead he said, “Spaghetti Tacos”. It sounded like Sam was coaching him but I said I’d do it. Michael and I opted out but those kids of ours ate enough for both of us! They probably weren’t as gross as I imagined but I just couldn’t bring myself to find out.

Time to pack; I’ve got a long drive ahead of me tomorrow.
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