Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How It's Supposed to Look

There must’ve been a fire somewhere; it was a little hazy and smelled of it when I went in to town to pick up a few things (growing up, going to Yelm—we live in the outlying area—was never, never considered “going to town”. That was Lacey/Olympia. For some people it was probably Tacoma. Times have certainly changed). It was still a gorgeous enough day to get a nice view of Mt. Rainier, something for which Yelm is known.

I have this weird Mt. Rainier visual prejudice. Anytime I see it from an angle that doesn’t show the three peaks just as I grew up seeing it, I think it’s not exactly Mt. Rainier. I mean it is, but that’s not how it really looks. I know how it really looks. How it’s supposed to look. I wonder if that makes me a little crazy. Or if I’m just a little crazy and this has nothing to do with it.

Like that mountain, my life is full of circumstances and moments and situations that I think I have a handle on. When I think I know what’s going on. Then I move in another direction, get a different perspective and realize I was a little off, mostly wrong, or know nothing at all. Last night at the midnight showing of Harry Potter was a not so important example of this.

I bought tickets, 2 adults and 2 kids (why is my 12 year old considered an adult? I still haven’t figured this one out), earlier in the day, slept a little in the evening, then headed out an hour early. I knew exactly what the evening was supposed to look like. It wasn’t supposed to look like me with kids who hadn’t slept a wink at the end of a very long line outside the back of the movie theater. With only three tickets. That’s right. Three tickets. Earlier when I bought the tickets I specifically asked if I needed two adults and I knew I needed two kids for sure. Four tickets. My fault for not checking when I paid. For not doing the math. So there I stood, jaw dropping. There was nothing to be done; the movie was sold out. I sent the three kids in, asked the oldest to look out for the third and sat my sad self on the curb to text Michael at the midnight showing in Pasco. This is not what the night was supposed to look like!

Michael was very concerned. He wanted me to speak to a manager but I couldn’t see any point. It was a sold out movie. I know what a sold out movie is supposed to look like. No empty seats. I was prepared to sit on that curb and text for a few hours, maybe have a pity party in the van. Poor me. Michael wouldn’t hear of it and called the manager himself. He told me to go inside and find the girl wearing a cape and witch's hat (needle in a haystack . . .); she would try to help me. I walked in and she introduced me to a girl who didn’t really want to see the movie and was hoping for a refund. I ended up with a great seat (not so hard to find when you only need one) and no one grabbing my snacks. That’s exactly what it was supposed to look like! Thanks Michael.
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