Sunday, July 26, 2009


I wish I’d been in a better mood this weekend; felt a little more pleasant but I didn’t. It seems like I mention it constantly but I’m hot. Hot and sweaty and clammy and gross and awful and cranky and . . . oh, probably many other unpleasant adjectives but those certainly sum it up nicely. This weather is kicking my butt and the heat pump, in its death throws, is not coming to my rescue. There might be something that could be done, life support of sorts, but there’s no way to actually get to it. Yes, the basement is that bad. Again. So anyway, I’ve been in an icky funk. I can’t imagine what menopause will do to me.

The weekend started with Michael and I attempting to do the honorable thing and put some time into the backyard. Michael started mowing the weeds and was immediately stung by a yellow jacket on the side of his head. Dang. I don’t keep meat tenderizer around and it’s what my mom always used on us. Michael didn’t complain for long and went after the rest of the ne’er do wells with some wasp spray. The thing is, we sort of asked for it. We had these cool dried gourds the kids painted at school with holes for bird seed. They hung from our fence next to the bird feeder my dad put up and were essentially yellow jacket condos. I didn’t mind because they seemed to keep to themselves and I could harvest them for my black widow. So anyway, we laid waste to all three devilish configurations and moved on.

It was too early for the Costco run and I wasn’t completely burning up yet (Josh was wielding a hose) so Michael and I decided to dismantle the trampoline. It was broken to the point of needing to be replaced and I’m just over it. I want the room for a pool next year anyway. So it’s apart and in the trash and if that was the trampoline’s status on Facebook, I’d push “like”.

Yesterday was a really hot day followed by today, another really hot day. This would’ve been a great day for a rain storm--my attitude-altering drug of choice (though I’m deeply grateful for the cloud burst I witnessed late last night. I didn’t have to rush out to water everything this morning; God did it for me). Today Kenny was baptized and despite the gray cloud (completely rain-free) over my head, it really was great. Many of our friends helped to make it go smoothly and I totally appreciate it. Kenny’s friend (and classmate last year) Kimber was also baptized and it was fun to share the day with her family. Especially poignant to me was the fact that I too was baptized on this day. 17 years ago. How cool is that? Almost as cool as me; I’m sitting in front of a small portable air-conditioner and finally, finally am not breaking a sweat.
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