Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm back in the desert again.

I didn't get around to packing last night and woke up late but we were out the door before lunch and found our way home before dinner. During waits in line for Jack in the Box, stop lights, gas fill-ups, and Dairy Queen I arranged for Sierra to take over a small paper route for the week. I've got a crazy week; I have no idea why I did this.

Sierra's been going on and on about wanting spending money. She earned some last week doing a few jobs for Grandpa but isn't happy about my money rules (she understands giving 10% to church but the 20% to savings is a tough sell) and figures she needs to earn more before she heads to the mall. When I saw that my friend Jennifer needed some substitutes for a few routes I thought it might be a good start.

Of course that means I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn. Not to do the things I like to do at the crack of dawn, like read scriptures, exercise, or just plain be by myself. Things that recharge my batteries. No, I'll be cracking the whip. I'm close to sure I can handle a week of this. Maybe once we've got the first day out of the way it won't feel like such a big deal.

Michael and I had a little grocery shopping to do after we arrived but I convinced him to take me to Sonic first for a strawberry slushie. Didn't take a lot of convincing. I don't know if all Sonics work this way but at ours you have to pull in and drive all the way around the drive-thru area and past all the car hop stalls before you can get in line to order. As we did this, some guy pulled in from the street, came straight at us and did a 3-point turn to beat us in line. I couldn't believe it. He looked right at us while he did it. Later, headed down the freeway to the grocery store, I saw a man ride his motorcycle in shorts and flip flops. Not even a shirt. I know I'm no bastion of sanity but even I was pretty amazed.

It's hot. My plants are looking not so great (I plant things that don't manage well in these few months of crazy heat but they look so lovely in May and June that I buy them every year. I never learn) and it's clear which sprinkler heads aren't quite doing their jobs. It's only July so I think I can safely assume I've got more than a month left of this torture. I know we decided against a pool this year for safety's sake (Josh would certainly drown) but I could sure use one right now. I'm not above sitting in the little plastic pool we've got on the deck and probably will tomorrow.
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