Tuesday, July 14, 2009

21 Club

“It’s a private party! Only the mayor and his girlfriend!”

This stopped me mid-pancake flip. I walked into the living room to find the kids playing 21 Club. It felt a little like I should make some sort of speech about why we don’t drink and why prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, but no. They were having such a good time I figured it could wait. A while.

Earlier in the morning they watched “Cities of the Underworld” on the History Channel and there was a segment about the prohibition-era security system of 21 Club. They were fascinated. When I walked into the room their set-up included the mayor (a piggy bank) having dinner with his girlfriend (a Furby Happy Meal toy), Hamtaro serving up drinks, and two bouncers at the doors (two Sullys from “Monsters Inc.”). I overheard later that the mayor broke up with his girlfriend after she received a private tour of the kitchen from Ernest Hemingway. Eventually the Federal Agents (Josh) destroyed the place and it was time for breakfast.

Later I headed into town to buy tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the . . . oh I don’t even remember which one this is. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read it. Sierra, who refused to read the series for years and years, is now fully obsessed. I guess she needed something to take the place of Twilight. A week or so after school was out she broke her own book rule (“No wizards, no goblins, no dragons, no magic, no elves, no fairies . . . ) and picked up the first Harry Potter book. Once she decided it was actually interesting and better than the movies, she vowed to finish the series before this newest movie was released. So now she’s chomping at the bit to see this (and to find a new series to love). The idea of a midnight showing makes me so sleepy . . .
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