Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I Have Yet Another New Doctor

Here is the story of why I have yet another new OB/GYN: Josh is only with us because a) God knows best and b) the doctor who delivered Sam prescribed the mini pill without disclosing the fact that an end to breast feeding equaled a decent chance of a pregnant Tiff. Newly pregnant, I found myself in search of another doctor.

I’d heard great things about a doctor in Richland but after two appointments and no face time, I asked if I might just begin seeing his new associate. No problem.

It seemed like a good decision at the time. This doctor was easy going and chatty. He was cool with my decision to go for a third vbac and eager to find solutions for my back pain (the only thing that ever worked was childbirth ). When I was in the hospital he visited often and asked what I wanted to do to make sure this little guy was the end of the line. He pointed to Michael, sleeping on the couch, and said he knew people. He could wake up with a strategically placed bag of frozen peas . . . he had a good sense of humor.

When the time came for my six-week check up, he did his thing, and I did mine (i.e. stare mutely at the poster on the ceiling and pretend I was someone else, somewhere else). When the indignities were over I sat up in my flimsy gown and waited for him to leave. He continued talking for a bit when he suddenly looked past me. As his eyes rested on my pile of clothes, recognition flooded his face. He saw my Whitman t-shirt. As it turns out, we were there at the same time. He graduated a year before me. We knew many of the same people. As I sat there on the exam table, arms tightly folded, he talked of fraternity parties and professors. I sat in stunned silence, only able to nod.

And that was the end of that.
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