Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I mowed the lawn this morning. I’d been thinking about it for a few days but never quite found a time that wasn’t hotter than blazes. I wanted to do it early in the morning but thought it might be rude, as far the neighbors go. Still, the house across the street in empty, Mr. Malley is up at the crack of dawn, and most everyone from there on would’ve been up for work or school. Probably wouldn’t have bothered anyone.

This morning I had it narrowed down to “Mow the Lawn” or “Fold the Clothes”. “Iron the Stupid Pile of Wrinkly Work and Church Clothes” should have made the list but some unnamed child has broken my ironing board. The third time this year. Sinar says I can just cover the kitchen table with a blanket and sheet and forgo a board altogether. No no no. My excuse is plenty good.

I felt pretty accomplished after mowing the lawn but coming in the house and seeing all that still needed doing was a little deflating. A quick message from a friend was all it took to lure me into throwing in the towel and heading for the park. The laundry certainly wasn’t going anywhere.

It was a great day to head to the park. There was a nice little breeze off the Columbia and it really wasn’t too hot. The little kids had fun playing with their friends and Josh only hit one other child. To be fair he’d already been hit by another little someone so maybe he was just paying it forward. It’s a pretty rare occurrence to have someone else strike first. I think he was more than a little surprised.
In between pushing Sam on the swings and scolding Josh for eating filthy M&M’s found in the dirt under a bench, a friend told me how she met her husband. Okay, this was the best “How I Met My Spouse” story I’ve ever heard!

Jennifer Ellertson told me that she met her husband answering the phone. She was 21, living at home while she went to college. One day she answers the phone and starts to talk. She thinks she knows who is on the other line. The voice sounds like that of a friend. Of course it’s not but even after she realizes this, they keep talking! They decide to meet and her family is not pleased. “This could be the Green River Killer,” they tell her. But he’s no murderous truck driver. They meet and the family actually likes him. How cool is that?
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  1. so you didn't go with the ironing???
    I'd go ironing and stay indoor as for whatever reason, I always think (and will always) that mowing the lawn is either Shawn's or Christopher's (in future hahahaha)

  2. I love being outside so any excuse works! Also, Michael's eyes water and he sneezes a lot when he mows so I usually do it. He does the edging and sprinkler stuff. Also, I grew up watching my mom do the yard stuff with some help here and there from my dad. Dad did the barn stuff with some help from her. We just don't have any "barn" work here :)!


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