Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Day three and an ominous start. I woke to hear the oldest two fighting. Again. It seems to be a recurring theme. This time Kenny said something unkind about Sierra (and always with a smile which upsets her all the more) and she hit him. Michael comes to Kenny’s defense and the fight is now between the two of them. Now that I think about it, this too is a recurring theme. Michael and Kenny will get into it as well and Sierra will come to Kenny’s defense. Kenny seems to fly under the radar a lot. He knows how to stir the pot and when to walk away. The older two have the former down but definitely not the latter.

Sierra insists she’s right. Kenny should be punished. Why won’t I punish him? Talking doesn’t do any good. PUNISH HIM!! For the sake of clarity though, they each, always, insist they’re right.

I threw open the bathroom door in a rush to end this thing before Grandma got involved. Crash! A large picture frame hits the floor, glass shards mingle with my wet foot prints and I don’t know where to start.

One stern (and presumably pointless) lecture later, I cleaned up the glass mess and left the kids with Grandma.

Last night I found Denice Sweeney (Lingle now) on Facebook and asked if she’d have breakfast with me. She’s one of those people I loved having classes with in high school. I don’t recall hanging out outside of school but the classes I had with her had a lot of entertainment value. Unfortunately we didn’t keep in touch over the years and she didn’t come to our 20th reunion last summer. As I drove up to Doug’s I wondered if it would be awkward or strange; I mean not a word has passed between us in 21 years. But no. It was like no time had passed at all and two hours later we were still deep in conversation, laughing, and walking to our cars. I love Facebook!

Sierra called during breakfast to ask when I was coming home. Did I remember my promise to take her to the cookie shop she spotted in Rainier last night? I still had two frames to replace (couldn’t find one to match the other print that still hung on the wall) but afterward I found her waiting at the end of the driveway for me.

We headed into Rainier and as we rounded the corner out 148th by Runyon Road, she screamed, “Zonkey! Zonkey! I saw a zonkey!” I somehow avoided hitting the ditch but just barely. What in the world is a zonkey? And why is my daughter screaming about it? Once we calmed down a little she explained that a zonkey is part donkey, part zebra. And she just saw one? I don’t think so.

She kept asking if I believed her and I didn’t know what to say. I mean it was clear that she thought she saw it. I distracted her with talk of cookies and headed down Binghampton Street in Rainier to the Main Street Cookie Co. It’s a tiny little place that sells big, delicious cookies. I think she may have made the owner a little crazy picking the thirteen we finally arrived at (“I want 3 Snicker Doodles, no make that 4. I want 2 Double Chocolate, no, no 4. Lemon? I don’t know. Yeah, okay, 1 . . .”) but we left with some good stuff.

On the way back home we looked but didn’t see any zonkey, donkey, or zebra for that matter. She was a little disappointed but when we drove in she burst out of the van eager to tell the boys all about it. Big mistake. They just laughed at her. They were not buying what she was selling. A big argument ensued. Again.

To settle it once and for all, I took her back to the scene of the scream and brought the camera. Sure enough, there in the field was this zebra-looking donkey thing. I’ve never seen Sierra so happy! Happy to rub this in her brothers’ faces. But when you’re right, you’re right, right?
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  1. All the close, constant contact during the summer causes the arguments with my kids too. I feel for you - it is always especially difficult to deal with at my parents' home...


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