Monday, June 22, 2009


We were out of the house by 7:40 a.m., beating my planned departure time by twenty minutes. I should probably add that this was an absolute first and will likely never be repeated. It almost always takes much more time than I’ve allotted. But who’s surprised there? Yes, I’ve made this trip many times but five kids equals a lot of stuff to remember to not forget.

Before Michael left for work he uploaded the Loopt app. to my phone. I’d heard the name before but didn’t know what it was about. He showed me how to update where we were so he could follow along. At first I thought it was a cool idea. Might even make for a safer trip. I could refresh the location here and there, maybe even take a photo if we stopped. With a husband like Michael it would work out just fine. He didn’t freak out when we didn’t update our location for a few hours. A heck of a lot of this drive was in “No Service” territory (somehow they’re living without iPhones up at Rimrock Lake, White Pass, Morton, and points west. Somehow.).

As we drove, my mind wandered. Somewhere between Mika and England Dan & John Ford Coley (I have eclectic taste in music. No, not weird) it occurred to me that as fun as this app. might be for reasonable adults, in the wrong hands it could be really frustrating. As we drove I thought of places where I should refresh our location. I got anxious that we were going too far without letting Michael know where we were. And once we rounded the corner past Dog Lake and up to White Pass summit, I found myself impatient with the “No Service” signal. It was a strange feeling. Like I was tethered. I needed to let him know where we were.

But of course I didn’t actually need to; he isn’t that sort of guy. Chances are you already know that. So if I was feeling this way under these circumstances, imagine dealing with a spouse who was controlling. No longer Loopt but Leashed.

We made it home (1.0) by noon and my oh my did it not feel like June. Cool breeze, clouds, me in a jacket. Nice though. Green, green, green. Everywhere green. Loopt anxiety ameliorated.
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  1. Where are you, you haven't updated your location since you got there at 12:01 pm?

  2. You didn't check-in as planned.

  3. You know people will think you're serious;)!

  4. It is after 6 am, still no update since you arrived there, seriously. :)

  5. Okay you two! Tiffany- no lying your blog continues to be Chadd and I's favorite! You crack us up! We know all about Loopt! :) When Chadd was going to the academy in Burien we used it so I could see where he was on his trips to and from. Technology these days is great... when it works how it's supposed to that is.

  6. I had similar anxiety for much of this past roadtrip. Prior to my leaving, Sean installed a Twitter app because "it'll be easier to stay in touch this way." Unfortunately, most of the interesting places that I wanted to be in touch had no cell signals. The thought also occurred to me: How do these people live with their iPhones?


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