Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Land of the Lost

Yesterday morning I woke to the sound of Sam’s sweet five year old voice singing:

“If you want my body! If you think I’m sexah!” over and over. The scary part is that I found myself saying, “No, it’s ‘If you want my body AND you think I’m sexy’”. I had to stop myself mid-sentence and tell him to sing something else. He giggled; he’d gotten a rise out of me.

I’m caught off guard by these kids and what comes out of their mouths on a daily, even hourly, basis. Last night this conversation came out of nowhere:

Sierra: “Mom! Lemurs get high and get into gang fights! They’re close to bad humans.”

Michael Jr.: “Yeah, but chimpanzees hunt bush babies with spears they make. That’s worse.”

Kenny: “Do lemurs make out with each other?”

Sierra: (blank stare) “No, but apparently lizards do on ‘Land of the Lost’.”

This whole Motherhood-During-the-Summer thing feels like “Land of the Lost”. Lost with no real schedule, bedtimes totally off kilter, chores sort of out the window. Everyone just laying around reading, watching t.v., playing on the computers, begging to go the pool. Or fighting. I hate to be all scheduly (just made that one up myself) on them during their vacation but it might be necessary. I can’t deal with any more conversations like that after, oh, let’s say, 8:30 p.m.

And today was not a routine expedition. I spent a good four hours pulling everything out of the boys room, tossing, sorting, cleaning, organizing. I have never seen so much dust; I may have developed black lung. Thank goodness for Pandora set to The Fixx. With dust bunnies banished, several garbage bags filled, fresh sheets on the beds, and drawers filled only with clothes that fit, I think the boys are ready to start taking care of the room themselves.

And maybe ready to hit the sack early. Sam just asked me how to spell “butt cheeks” and I don’t think I’m up to finding out why . . .
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  1. I would trade it for the day I had at work today. Don't forget there was swimming.

  2. Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining.

  3. The things your kids say make me laugh!

  4. On the song note, I caught the kids humming the tune "Angel of the Centerfold". Bad enough but I told them that probably wasn't the best song to sing on the way to church.

  5. Too funny! That came out of Pandora today while I was cleaning and Michael Jr. asked me if it was about what he thought it was about . . . uh huh. It does have a catchy beat, you have to admit ;)!


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