Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

“Yo VIP let’s kick it!”

And it starts. Little feet kicking the back of my seat with a vengeance, head bopping, hands clapping in time with the beat. And Josh’s 3 year-old voice belts out,

“Ice, ice baby! Ice, ice baby!”

How did we come to this? This song is Josh’s new favorite. A while back Michael downloaded “80’s & 90’s Dance Hits” to his phone and this is the song that Josh decided to obsess over. Not “Living on Video”, not “Space Age Love Song”, not even “I Want Candy”. It had to be “Ice Ice Baby”. It wasn’t a song I wanted to hear when it was released and nothing has changed since. It’s more than that though. I mean I listen to things I don’t want to hear all the time. This is different. Frankly, there’s something about listening to Vanilla Ice that’s just embarrassing. And that’s saying something; not much embarrasses me anymore.

To my supreme pleasure, I’ve noticed that I don’t care much about what people think. More specifically, about their judgments. We all like to be liked but I’m talking more about hiding ourselves or molding ourselves to fit the expectations of others. And the anxiety that accompanies the thought that maybe they’ve got you wrong. Or right for that matter.

I remember some of those feelings as a younger person and I remember when I first realized how stupid they are. When we bought our house, the owners left behind their dryer. It was old but we needed one and decided to keep it until it died. Eventually it did and the Sears guys came and replaced it with a new set we purchased. When the blue van pulled away, Michael and I went to the basement to check them out. To my surprise, sitting on top of the dryer were two tiny thongs; the guys must have found them behind the old dryer(do those get lost with all the socks?!). Michael laughed out loud saying, “They thought those were yours!”! At first I was alarmed but eventually I laughed too. Why should I care?

Today we pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru to get something to tide Sam and Josh over while we ran errands. “Ice Ice Baby” was cranked and Josh was rocking out. I admit to feeling a little embarrassed. I asked Michael to turn it down but instead he turned it up. When the girl came to the window to bring the drinks she stopped and looked at us. She was incredulous. “Are you serious?” she asked. I pointed to Josh. Yeah, we’re serious. She started laughing and singing along. Maybe nothing can embarrass me now.

Yo man let’s get out of here
Word to your mother.


  1. I couldn't believe she threw away two perfectly good thongs!

  2. No one will judge you for listening to vanilla ice. The young don't know what it is and the old view it through the veil of nostalgia --given that compared to most modern hip hop, Rob Van Winkle (V.I.) is Bob Dylan. At worst one might chuckle out of pop culture irony. So stop, collaborate, and listen all you like.

  3. Wise words from . . . well, no matter. It could have been worse. It wasn't Milli Vanilli.


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