Thursday, June 4, 2009

How We Met

But enough about other people; this is how Michael and I met:

Once upon a time, I was a nanny in Bethesda, MD. My best friend, Rebecca Richens, was also a nanny a few miles away. For as long as I’d known her, she regularly mentioned her friend Michael. I didn’t know a lot about him except that he was a few years older than us, smart, and a submariner. And they talked on the phone all the time.

One day Rebecca told me that Michael was coming to D.C. to take an engineers exam. She asked if I’d go with her to pick him up at the airport. I wasn’t even remotely interested. As much as I loved her and always enjoyed hanging out, I was getting a little tired of how crazy guys were about her. I was starting to feel like the somewhat pathetic sidekick.

As it turned out though, I would go with her. She called at the last minute with a flat tire and needed a ride. We met Michael’s flight and took him out to dinner. He insists it was the Rainforest Café but I’ve never been to one. It was either The Hard Rock Café or Planet Hollywood. They’re pretty much the same. Whatever it was, we had a great time; he made me laugh.

We spent another evening with him and then he was back in California. Sometime afterwards I confided in Rebecca that I sort of liked that guy. And the rest is history.
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  1. I have a huge zit on my forehead in this picture and it looks like I have a gold tooth--but isn't Michael HOT???

  2. I loved the picture. Great story.

  3. Michael should refer to this as his Top Gun picture, i.e., the beech volley ball scene.


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