Thursday, June 18, 2009


Calgon, take me away . . .

A postcard arrived in the mail and my heart skipped a beat. Did my eyes deceive me? Real mail. Not a bill, not an advert slick. Not one of the zillions of magazines that make their way to my mailbox because it’s all our frequent flyer miles will get us. Yep, a genuine postcard. From ABROAD no less.

Tom and Charlotte were sending us their greetings from the south of Spain. A destination wedding, a villa, good stuff. I’m loving the postcard; it’s so pretty it’s practically an escape in itself. I love that they thought of us.

My own little get away is right around the corner; I’m taking the kids to visit Grandpa and Grandma in Yelm next week. Okay, it’s not the south of Spain—it’s not even Seattle. And I’m bringing five kids with me. I don’t even know if Yelm postcards exist. This doesn’t add up to much but for this trip, the sum is definitely greater than its parts.

We take this trip two or three times in the summer and although I hate the preparation and the combination of heartbreaking mess in the van and assembled assortment of suitcases, grocery sacks, and fast food wrappers it ends with, it’s more than worth it. I hate to brag but I’ve got these parents and they’re pretty amazing. They feed six extra people (seven when Michael can get away) without missing a beat and they make sure I get my fill of seafood as it’s not totally appreciated over here. They entertain the kids and allow me to get away here and there. The Pacific Northwest weather is a blessed relief from this desert sun and the wind chimes swinging out back turn the clock back 30 years in my mind. Trips to the garden and barns, walks through the woods and to the pond give my kids the memories I’ll always have.

But there’s still that whole packing up and leaving bit. I hate few things more than coming home to a house in disarray. It can happen easily when there are six or seven of you and the main concern is leaving but man is it lame when the trip’s over. I’ve vowed that this time we’re driving away from a tidy home. I made my lists and enlisted the help of the older kids.

Today was the culmination of this deep cleaning adventure and the beginning of an experiment aimed at saving my sanity. I’ve long thought that if I could get it all done, get on top of the whole shebang, I could stay on top. Logically, it makes sense. That the effort to maintain it would be much less than the effort to overhaul it every so often. But it feels like a joke. Like I’ve put together a colossal game of “Perfection” and the timer’s ticking. Who knows? Hope springs eternal.
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  1. Thanks for all the hard work! Have a good time in Yelm.


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