Friday, June 12, 2009

Fresh Start

A few days ago I printed out a calendar for each of the summer months, taped them together, and attacked it with a sharpened pencil. I filled it in with camps, holidays, swimming lessons, and trips to see Grandma and Grandpa in Yelm. In July I even had a wedding to add. I haven’t been to a wedding in quite awhile.

We don’t get nearly the wedding invitations we used to and I think it must just be where we are in life. At one point we went through a period of having several friends and family members getting married each year and after that it was an influx of baby announcements. We’re getting less of those too, which makes them all the more special when they arrive.

This August Michael and I will have been married 15 years. It seems like just yesterday and a million years ago.

I remember wanting something simple. Wear my mom’s dress, wedding in the parent’s backyard, potluck dinner, that sort of thing. I did feel pretty strongly about hiring a professional photographer but other than that I was flexible. Plans changed when we found out Lake Lawrence Lodge was available on a Sunday in August. That would allow more room for guests and alleviate parking worries. The couple getting married there the day before was decorating the place in white so we asked them to keep it up for us and we’d chip in and help with clean up. Such a deal.

In the months before the wedding, Michael and I taught summer school at Sanger High School in Sanger CA, his hometown. I taught 9th grade English and he taught Algebra. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I can still hear, “Miss Arnold! What’s a verb?” ringing in my ears.

Our wedding day was beautiful and everything went smoothly (although it hurt to smile after awhile and Michael insists I hesitated when saying “I do”). Our guests stayed and enjoyed themselves long after we left for a brief honeymoon on Orcas Island. It’s one of my favorite places on earth and it was one of my parent’s gifts to us. We didn’t have long though; we had to be in Cambridge, MA ready to move into MIT’s family housing at the end of the month.

It was a long drive across the country pulling a U-Haul and I remember vividly the Jeep’s seats and their inability to recline. We received calls along the way asking Michael to change a grade so a certain football player would become eligible to play as well as others telling us about particular events that transpired after we left the wedding. Events later known collectively as, “The Mistake on the Lake”. But it was cool. We were starting a new adventure and although it was back to the old stomping grounds for Michael, it was all new to me.

I sort of miss facing the unknown with Michael. He and I against the world. We’ve been in the same town for over 8 years which is twice our longest so far and I’ve got to say there’s something about a fresh start that is mighty appealing.
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  1. Sweet memories. We will be married 14 years this November.

  2. Doesn't she look beautiful in that wedding dress. Not a question, just stating a fact.

  3. A fresh start - That is what this year in Boston has been for us. For the first time, I am a "totally" stay at home mom (I have always had some sort of part time job). The kids have been homeschooled for the first time and we are on an adventure! I am happy we are coming back to WA soon because I miss my family and friends, but I am a little sad that our adventure will be over - it was great to feel so free of all of the normal pressures of life for one year!


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