Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I have a secret. Not for long but it’s mine for the next few minutes. I hate Father’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong; I love fathers. At least most of the ones I know. It’s just one of those holidays that sneak up on me, making me feel inadequate. I forget to send the cards on time and I almost never know what to buy. Michael always says not to get him anything but that doesn’t feel quite right. It’s hard to know how serious people really are when they say things like that. I lucked out on something for my dad this year so he’s covered. We watched “The Sound of Music” together each year when I was a kid and I found an LP of the soundtrack for $1 at the same rummage sale I found the first edition Atlas Shrugged for Tom. I’ve got it framed and ready to give him tomorrow (sshh!). That I feel sort of good about.

I imagine lots of guys feel this same way about Mother’s Day. You love your mom, your wife, whoever but how to make that one day special enough to convey it? Honestly, let me take a nap unencumbered by little ones and I’m good. Add a dinner I didn’t make and maybe some cake and I’m all yours. I think Michael would have loved that nap today but he did get the dinner (though he helped me with the grilling) and there’s fresh strawberry pie in the fridge. I hope it’s been a decent day for him. Heaven knows he deserves it.

On Mother’s Day I talked about my mom so I’ll say a few words about my dad today. My dad grew up on a farm, like my mom, in southern Ohio. He did well in school and had a “First Bus Out” mentality as he calls it, so he put himself through undergraduate, married my mom, and went to dental school. Eventually, by way of the Army, the three of us ended up at Fort Lewis. Tom came a little later. My dad is an avid fisherman, gardener, and woodworker. He’s always made sure I had plenty of fish and seafood when I visit and his garden is one of the wonders of my world. I don’t know how he does it all. My house is blessedly filled with things he’s created, such as my salmon chair, dining room table, cupboards, and multiple frames. And he’s funny. Did I mention that? He cracks our kids up and he has a deep love for them. He is generous to a fault and I’m continually thankful for the example of hard work he’s been to me and my family. He also does not read my blog (as far as I know) so I don’t think I have to worry about embarrassing him too much with all this gushing.

Well, the secret’s out.
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