Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh I was a mess yesterday! The waterworks ended and I woke in a little better spirits. When I went online I was touched by the messages on Facebook; other mothers letting me know they could relate. I received an especially heart-warming e-mail from Dianna Stiebrs and I’m getting weepy just writing about it. She poured her heart out to me and helped me know that this is everyone’s struggle. If you are a mom or if you have a mom, as she put it. That I’m not alone. She wrote something in particular that struck a chord in me:

“Whether we are 2, 20, 40, 60 or 90, we make mistakes, wonder why "that came out of my mouth", why we felt the way we did. Seeing the surprise and hurt on the face of our mother, child, friend, husband, when we are disrespectful or hurtful is what makes us regret what we have done or said. That is how we learn to feel the remorse and (oh dear here comes the word) guilt. That is how people (young or old) learn to be loving and caring.”

I think as parents we can talk to our kids till we’re blue in the face about this sort of thing but experience is a master teacher. And I stumbled across some more good advice later while unpacking from the trip. I ran across an article Dr. Merkley gave me at Josh’s annual check-up. I’d confided in him that Josh was a bit of a handful; much more than the other kids had been. He pulled this out and told me he wished he’d had it when he was a young parent. It had some solid advice so I’ll add the link:

On a completely different note, I had a new experience today. I’ve never had to clean crabs before because I’d only ever had them with my parents or at a restaurant. Today I cleaned six of them and it was truly disgusting. I’d never had to see the yellow ick that lies beneath the shell and, I don’t know, what were those things? Gills? I popped the top off each one and liquid splattered my hair and the windows at my kitchen sink (this is clearly an outside job). When I was done I had two metal bowls of ice and crab, ready to roll. The totally revolting part of the job was over; the next part is something of which I have some experience. So now I have a gallon bag full of deliciousness and it’s time to go consult the American’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I think I'll start with crab cakes.
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  1. I could use a crabby patty, aka a hamburger.

  2. I love crabs. (Ok, well, the kind from the sea.) That meal looked delicious!!!



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