Friday, May 22, 2009


It’s been a nice day. Mom and Dad arrived in the morning but I was wrong about there being no time for projects; Dad got right to work fixing the chop job he and Michael did on the stair area in order to get our mattress in last time they were here (I think I wrote about it in my 2nd post). It looks great but I think Josh will miss having the open space to throw things.

Josh was up to his normal fun and games this morning when he found a blue marker and attempted to draw Boba Fett, no it must've been Jengo, on his bedroom wall. He loves those two so much that he refers to the color green as "Boba" and blue as "Jengo". Part of me wanted to ignore it and let him have his fun but he'd just take it to the rest of the house..

Grandpa treated us to lunch and then bribed the boys and Sierra with a trip to Aunt Franny's and The Octopus' Garden if they'd succumb to haircuts. That's what I call grandparenting.

Tonight we had Michael and Kenny’s piano recital a few doors down at the Episcopal Church and despite Michael’s disinterest, he did very well. He very much did not want to play “Rage Over a Lost Penny” but it was fine. He’s been working really hard on Motzart’s Turkish March after downloading it and has been focusing more on that that the recital pieces. He’s a talented kid but has no interest whatsoever in sharing this. Recitals are nightmares for him. In the photo he’s telling me he doesn’t want to go on stage.

The day ended not-so-nice for Josh. We realized he was sick tonight when he suddenly just layed down on the floor. He wasn’t getting into anything or performing mixed martial arts on anyone. Poor little thing was running a fever. Good thing Grandma’s here to make it all better.
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