Sunday, May 17, 2009


Church was as painful as I’d anticipated; my sunburn was throbbing, reminding me what a lame move that was yesterday. I wore a light cashmere sweater thinking it would feel nice on my skin but even that was awful. What’s more, it was white and Michael said he could see my beet red skin through it. I need to quit complaining though. What does it always say in the scriptures? “It came to pass . . .”, not “it came to stay”.

Today our family doctor gave a talk in church. When he stood up to speak I held my breath. But nothing. Josh didn’t recognize Dr. Merkley outside of his office. With seven people in the family we end up being there pretty often and every time we pull up to the 945 building his response is perfectly Pavlovian: “Doctor no hurt me!!”. It’s funny because Dr. Merkley has never hurt him and it’s the nurses who give the injections and draw blood. What’s even more odd is that he asked for a flu shot when Sam had his a week or so ago. And no tears either. I can’t imagine the nurse’s drawer of Saf-T-Pops is that seductive but that was all it took.

I keep thinking one Sunday I’ll enjoy Sacrament meeting. Like the whole thing. I just want to listen to the speakers and absorb what they’re saying. I want to feel the Spirit. But most of the time what I’m doing is just refereeing. Each of the oldest four are perfectly capable of sitting still for the hour but we just haven’t found a good seating arrangement that encourages it. There are always three that want to sit by me and then several combinations of kids that are explosive when put in that kind of proximity for an hour. One that won’t quit looking at the other, or poking, or breathing for that matter. And then it turns into Snackrament meeting because everyone wants Josh’s crackers—items they would never bother with at home. I can’t help but look around and think how well-behaved everyone else’s kids are but again, enough of the belly-aching; this too shall pass. And probably sooner than I’d like.
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  1. It only seems like other people's kids are well behaved. The reality is that their parents have already bribed them with treats or promises, or they have threatened them within an inch of thier lives like my parents used to do. Be patient. I truly believe, " it could always be worse" (Boobies!).


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