Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pardon the Interruption

I usually write at my desk in our bedroom but right now Michael is in there getting some work done. So I've got my laptop out in the living room with the kids. I'm no good at writing with distractions and tonight I’ve got plenty.

The photo is of Kenny eating “octopus and seaweed” (otherwise known as a hot dog and food colored-Top Ramen). This is as close to seafood as the boy gets. It's not a big deal; I know lots of people avoid it. I married someone who does. But I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Kenny will eat lots of things if properly bribed (as long as they are in no way related to fruit). But really, the things he'd like to eat make for a very short list:

Double Cheeseburgers, plain
Macaroni and Cheese
Top Ramen
anything sugary

Sierra: "Mom! Did you know there's a kind of mammal and the guy makes the milk! But the dictionary definition of milk says it comes from the female! So it's not called milk! Apparently."

If I’d only had two kids I might think I knew what I was doing. Michael and Sierra will eat just about anything.

Michael Jr. “ Sam! I told you not to touch it, yet you disobeyed me!”

Tonight we served up leftovers and I took things out of the fridge and freezer. Michael Jr. had ham and homemade noodles Grandma and Grandpa left. Sierra wanted Grandpa’s seafood gumbo. Josh ate nothing but fruit. He would just as soon not eat than have most things we eat. Sam’s almost as bad. He barely ate a thing.

Sam: “Mommy! I’m sweaty! I’m sweaty! Mom! I’m seriously sweaty. And hungry. Can I have mac and roni and cheese?”

So what makes these guys all so different? As a kid I remember disliking certain foods—peas and salad. Still, you had to eat them. And salad reared its ugly head EVERY night. Thankfully I grew to appreciate it. Will my youngest kids get that chance?

Kenny: “Mom! Mom! I memorized ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’!” (I’ve heard that song being picked out on the piano for days, several times an hour. Yes, dear, I know.)

I don’t want to make a scene at meals. I want it to be pleasant. But I also want the little kids to expand their horizons and try some things. I guess it’s time to consult those child rearing books I hate so much.


  1. Isn't it amazing that children can have the same parents and yet be SO different. Your kids are great!! And BTW, you have a way with words...I could see you writing a book sometime down the road...

  2. I LOVE your blog! You are so captivating! Where were you for my college english classes? :) You make Chadd and I laugh.


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