Friday, May 8, 2009

My Day

This was a pretty good day. A little bit of everything. The oldest two had a day off from school and we all went to the book fair at Jason Lee before Kenny had to be in class. I definitely should have brought the stroller; Josh roamed the library grabbing every book displaying characters with fangs, scales, or fire-breathing capabilities. Despite an arm full of 3 books, he left quite mad at me.

Today I wrote a check for Michael and Sierra’s trip next week to the Seattle International Children’s Festival. It was large enough and the weather was pleasant enough that I decided to take a portion of it out of their hides. We all weeded for the rest of the morning and Michael Jr. made us paninnis for lunch.

I decided to mow the lawn in the afternoon but couldn’t get the mower to start. It was so nice out I couldn’t make myself do housework. I cranked up some Yaz and continued with the weeding. All was well in my world until I realized there was an odd girl standing in my yard, wearing a pink prom dress slipping off one shoulder and rather unconventional eye make-up. She was trying to catch Bobcat. I saw what appeared to be a mother-type person watching her. I was fascinated. She asked me if I wanted to buy a video tape or bath products. She and her mother had grocery sacks full of them. Can’t say that I do. I was definitely a little stunned. I headed into the house and was excited to find a box from ProFlowers on the porch.

Michael took me to see Star Trek early in the evening and it was awesome! It even made me weepy in parts. Would definitely go see it again and for me that’s saying a lot. Afterwards he took me to Lowe’s to buy a plant (for Mother’s Day) and we ended up getting blueberry plants, raspberry bushes, and a nice looking strawberry plant. I hope they survive; it would be so nice to have those in our backyard.

Afterwards we had dinner at P.F. Chang’s. I think I would be happy just eating lots of their appetizers (FRIED GREEN BEANS and CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS!!!!). I still haven’t figured out what the sauce is for. They make a big deal out of mixing it in front of you but tonight was the first time we ever tried it. It was okay I guess. It was just nice being out on a date :).

Okay, here’s the icing on the cake: we came home around 9:30 p.m. to find the kids had all gone to bed on their own, including Josh who has lately been really unhappy about sleeping in his own bed. AMAZING!

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