Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Falker Satherhood!

Last night a few of my friends and I gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate Dana’s birthday and our friend Sinar made a beautiful cake. She puts a lot of time and effort into her creations and I was excited to finally sample one. Delicious! Check out her confections at

And continuing on with the subject of cake, this morning Mindy Martin sent me the link to Cake Wrecks ( and I passed some time at the doctor’s office laughing so hard (and as silently as I could manage) I was tearing up! The site is all about cakes gone horribly wrong and although they were funny I have no idea why they made me laugh that much! I mean my sides were actually hurting! I think there must be something wrong with me. One cake, meant for two expectant father’s in an office was supposed to say “Happy Fatherhood Shawn and Glenn". I’m not sure if the person who took the message was drinking or had really bad handwriting but what they got was “Happy Falker Satherhood”! I guess I have a soft spot for the absurd.

Last year Kenny wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. He knew what flavor he wanted but he didn’t care much about what the design was. When asked what he wanted the cake to say, he replied, “Nothing”. Sometimes you actually get what you ask for.

As I was looking through the photos of those cakes I thought that in spite of how ugly, misspelled, or bizarre they were, they probably still tasted pretty good. I bet there’s a lesson for me in there somewhere; I’m just too tired to think it through.


  1. I ordered and bought Kenny's cake at DQ. I had asked him what he wanted on the cake and he said nothing. I asked him if he wanted it blank or to say nothing. He said that he wanted it to say "Nothing." The DQ people asked to make sure and thought it was funny. I took the picture and emailed it to Tiffany, she was in Europe at the time with her family (Parents, Brother, & Sister-In-Law) just so she could see that Kenny had "Nothing" on the cake.

  2. hahahaha... so that's what that "NOTHING" for???
    was that an order at DQ Richland by Uptown Mall?

  3. hey! Thanks for promoting my site, querida!


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