Friday, May 15, 2009


It’s 7:55 p.m. and I’m just getting in from mowing, weeding, etc. Michael used the weed eater and leaf blower and got some ground ready for planting raspberries and blueberries tomorrow. It feels so good to get the yard work done on Friday. I’m sitting here in my daily dirt knowing full well that if I move on to the next phase of the evening without writing, I’ll never get to it.

Last night I took Kenny and Sam to the “Spring Fling” at school. It was a chance to peruse the book fair wares once again, listen to the marimba band (I don’t know how Mrs. Barnett does it; I can only hear any of those songs once and then it’s Extra-Strength Excedrin time. Especially after “Eye of the Tiger”), and check out the GIANT FOOD creations. I think the boys liked the huge food the best. I know I did. The giant donuts were especially delicious looking. Speaking of donuts, I just found a website (Thanks Nikki!) with the neatest little faux donuts. Too cute:

I’m in the mood to make some really profound pronouncements or to say something so funny I’ll crack Michael up when he reads it but nothing is coming to me. Just my brain whispering, “This is how you spend a Friday night?” and “Shower.” Good night!
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  1. Oh darn! I totally missed the GIANT food thing! Bummer! That woulda been fun!


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