Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last night while Sam and I were picking up toys in the basement, he held up one I’d purchased at the Louvre museum store last summer. It looks a little like a camera and when you look through the view finder you can click a button and see different works of art. He asked me why I bought him an inappropriate toy. That’s a big word for an almost 5 year old going to speech therapy.

Sam brought the toy to me and showed me the sculpture of Cupid and Psyche by Canova. Hands on boobs and all. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me when I bought it that this was inappropriate—it’s art. I suppose it’s a fine line we walk when we want to teach our children to appreciate art and modesty.

And then there’s the question of inappropriate language and intentions. When they’re little they say things without realizing what they’re doing. I believe in ignoring it—it might go away. Not everyone can do that though. I was at my doctor’s office on Friday morning and there was a little boy enthralled with the fish in a large tank. He kept yelling, “Fishes! Look at the fishes!”. Only “fishes” sounded exactly like the word for a female dog. His mother repeatedly asked him to stop saying that word, becoming more shrill by the minute. It was so hard not to laugh. After awhile he was saying it for the reaction. Josh pronounces his j’s as h’s and his t’s as f’s so that makes things interesting around here. I was weeding in the front yard the other day when he decided to make a game of jumping over a large stick. “Jump! Jump that!”, he kept yelling. As people walked by. Staring at me. It’s also pretty embarrassing when he yells “Truck!” (it happens a lot more often than you might think!). He’s just too young. If I let him know a word is “bad”, I know without a doubt, he’d use it intentionally.

As for that mom at the doctor’s office, she shouldn’t feel too badly. Her kid made a lot of people laugh, at least on the inside. And making me glad it wasn’t my kid? Priceless.

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  1. hey, I'm telling you: these kids use words that would 'shock' us parents! You should hear what my boy talks about... hahahaha... *as long as their using smart and intellectual words! That'll UPGRADE our quality as moms* hahahaha


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