Monday, May 11, 2009


Today I had errands to run. I try to limit this sort of thing to just the grocery store when I have Josh with me but today there was no way around it. Wal-Mart and Costco had to be attempted. When we arrived I looked Josh in the eyes and told him he was going to sit in the cart. There would be no crying, no yelling, and no hitting. I told him I knew he could do it. And he did, for a bit. But then he begged to get down and promised to stay right with me. I am such a sucker. He took off toward the ladies unmentionables department, full speed ahead. Sam, bless his heart, is aggressively wholesome. As we approached the bras I noticed he was covering his eyes as he walked, trying not to trip or lose me. Josh, on the other hand, was punching them yelling, “Boobies! Boobies!”. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these two are related.

I do think Josh may begin to start trusting my judgment a little more. Recently on a trip to the store he was allowed to pick a treat. He grabbed a bag of sour Skittles and yelled, “M&M’s!”. I couldn’t convince him that these were not chocolate and they sure weren’t delicious. Fine by me. The look on his face after that first taste was priceless; I wish I’d had the camera ready. This afternoon something similar happened while I was chopping onions for black bean soup (best recipe ever: Josh grabbed an onion I’d cut in half and said he wanted to eat it. Again, I told him he wouldn’t like it (it wasn’t a Walla Walla Sweet or Hat Trick) but he was welcome to go ahead. He took a few bites then finally admitted it was gross. His sister rescued his poor tongue with a pudding cup.

It’s funny how different each of these kids are. I remember while I was in college reading of a theory that children come to us as empty cupboards—it’s nurture not nature that produces each individual. I’m sure there’s a lot of nurture that goes into it but each of these babies of mine entered this world as very, very unique individuals. Some of them share some similarities but the differences are profound. And I guess that’s part of the fun. To see how they unfold. Right now Kenny is laying on my bed, still feeling sick but eager to tell me more about Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong (and would I please download some of their songs?). Josh is trying to play his dad’s guitar (he’s obsessive about the guitar). Sam fell asleep in an alligator costume before we could get him up to bed. Sierra put herself to bed early as usual, maybe to read “Pride and Prejudice”, maybe to just sleep. And Michael Jr.’s asleep too but not before he practiced his Bach piece for the millionth time today—recital is coming up soon. They each have so many interests and unfolding talents. It’s not all a bed of roses but getting to know these little people is pretty incredible.

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