Friday, May 1, 2009


We live on a corner. The convergence of residential and commercial. Because there’s a skate park, Dairy Queen, the Columbia River, and lots of shops within walking distance, we get a lot of foot traffic. We have a very shady front lawn and apparently it’s pretty inviting. Often I see teenagers and old Ukranian women sitting on the retaining wall, taking a break. I don’t mind. They aren’t hurting anything.

Most of them anyway. Last night, shortly after the sprinklers were set to go off, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to a woman pointing to our own version of Old Faithful, spouting amongst my roses. Once again, someone took one of our sprinkler heads. WHY??? I just can’t figure out what that’s about. Is it some sort of trophy? I mean it’s not like they’re pitching them back onto my lawn or anything.

So I’m up this morning at the crack of dawn putting in a new one. I was feeling good despite the reason I was replacing it—I did it myself! But wait. Something doesn’t smell right. I look down and see that I'm stepping in the result of someone walking their dog without common sense, decency, or a proper receptacle. I AM ANGRY!

This is my struggle. No doubt it always will be. How to accept the Lord’s atonement for the lame things other people do. If I hold onto the anger or hold myself above the sprinkler thieves and egomaniacal dog walkers, I know the forgiveness I so desperately need for the lame things I do will pass me by. And what’s life without that? Not happy and certainly not eternal, that’s for sure.

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  1. Maybe put a sign that says "Beware of dog...or rather MOM."


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