Friday, April 24, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

Wow! Tonight we took the kids to Yakima to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" at the Sundome. As we headed back to the Tri-Cities well after everyone's bedtime, three things came to mind. One, don't even bother trying to eat at Miner's on a Friday night unless you have lots of time and patience. Two, Yakima really should be closer to Richland. Yeah, yeah, I know but it's such a long, boring drive. It's sort of gorgeous in it's own way during the day, but it really does seem like the never ending drive. Three, Josh must not be afraid of anything. Those dinosaurs were amazing and seemed very life-like. And loud. My gosh, I think I've suffered hearing loss. But that kid was so, so excited by all of it. Really they all were but the other four were able to sit still in their seats, wide-eyed and amazed. Josh was all over the place yelling about how big they were; thank goodness it was so loud!

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