Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today was the McMurray Park Restore-a-thon and the kids worked hard pulling junk and tumbleweeds out of the creek, pulling weeds, and planting native plants and trees. It's always cool to see what a difference a few hours and a lot of hands can make in support of a good cause.

Yesterday Michael and I planted two trees in the backyard; a French petite plum and an Asian pear. They look great, beautiful green leaves and covered with pretty little blooms promising future fruit. We've planted them in an area that will afford plenty of sun and we've got kids willing to water them. Still though, at times it's awfully windy here and the trunks of those trees aren't particularly thick. So we took some stakes my dad left and gave them the support they would undoubtedly need.

It made me think about us. All of us. How we hold such promise. How we all need the same basics to grow and prosper. We can have all of this but without "staking" ourselves to the support of our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ, we are denying ourselves what we really need and can so easily find ourselves bending and broken by the blustering and blowing all about us.

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