Sunday, April 19, 2009

Squirrel Rescue

Tonight Kenny ran into the house telling us he thought he heard baby ducks under the deck. It sounded possible as we've had some mallards perched on the roofs of the garage and the house. Michael Jr. went out to see and what they both found was a small squirrel doing it's best to keep away from the cats.

I came out with my leather garden gloves and picked it up. It tried to bite me and screeched like crazy while I took it to the tree with the nest in it. The silly thing kept climbing down. It was going to be eaten by the cats and I was about to give up when Michael Sr. called Cheryl, the kids' math teacher at Oasis. The kids told us she'd rescued squirrels before and maybe she would know what to do.

She came over about an hour later and collected the little guy (I think it was a boy but I didn't look real carefully) in a small pet carrier with the promise to let him loose in her cat-free yard. Good luck squirrel!

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