Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love music. I don't sing well and I don't read music but I've got this ear. I blame it (and general laziness) for my inability to play the piano well. When I took lessons as a child I didn't have to really learn to read the music to figure out how to play it--just had to hear the teacher play it a few times, pick through it at home a time or two and I had it. Eventually (4 or 5 years later) things became complicated enough that reading was necessary and I quit. Besides, who wants to take lessons from someone with personalized plates that read, "HIGH IQ"? But I digress. I love music.

As I put the music on the computer I listen to albums. It is amazing how just a few notes will instantly take me back in time. I wonder if everyone's mind works like that.

In the past few months, in an effort to clear out a lot of clutter, I've uploaded hundreds of cds to my laptop. I thought I was done but then found another huge bin of them in the garage. The thought of putting them on Craig's List has crossed my mind but I have no idea if there's a market. And although I'm no packrat, it feels a little like selling my past.

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