Friday, April 17, 2009

Knock, Knock? Who's There? It's Gilly!

There's a Saturday Night Live skit about a little girl who's always causing trouble and then with a wink she says, "Sorry!". It sounds pretty stupid and I guess it is but we laugh a lot about it around here because we've got our own "Gilly". Josh is going on 3 years old and though he thoroughly delights in mischief, he has this twinkle in his eye that melts our hearts. He breaks something, hits someone, takes a hose to me while I weed and then with a smile says, "Sorry!". Yesterday he attempted to get himself some milk. He put a cup on the floor, pulled a gallon of milk out of the fridge, and proceeded to pour. And pour. I walked into the kitchen to see him pouring milk as it flowed onto the kitchen floor. I watched with eyebrows raised to see what he would do. Of course he stomped in it like a mud puddle.

So I tried to navigate the space between laughing and yelling and explained that I need to be the one pouring the milk. But it will be something different tomorrow. The trick is going to be, eventually, getting him to understand that the expiration date on doing whatever you feel like doing and then saying sorry is running out Y.

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