Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Garden Begins

While grocery shopping a few weeks back, Sam came across a display of seed packets. He was so excited to plant something so I let him pick out a few packages. He chose carrots, sweet corn, and two varieties of sunflowers. The carrots and corn will go straight into the garden but the sunflowers we could start inside. That's where the fun begins.

I had some good soil outside loaded with mushroom compost (thanks Father dear!) and Sam filled his little environment-ruining styrofoam cups up and planted away. He felt it was important that I write the names of each sunflower on the cups as well as some popsicle sticks he found.

For Christmas this year my dad built me a great set of shelves with grow lights. I hauled it out of the garage and situated it in the living room. Perfect. Sam has watched those cups for days, excitement mounting. At last he spied a bit of green with the seed still attached and in a day or so those first green leaves burst through. Now each day he tells me which is bigger, the Velvet Queen or the Mammoth.

So far so good and as of today; Josh has ignored the sunflowers, only dumping out my lupines ;).

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