Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm really conflicted about Facebook. When I first joined it was amazing. I was able to talk to people I hadn't seen in years as well as people I just saw at church a few days ago. It reminded me of dorm life because you always knew where to hang out if you wanted to run into friends or where to go when you wanted to be alone. You could leave a message on someone's door the same way we leave them on each other's "wall". It was so nice after spending years of relative isolation as a mother of many.

But it hasn't been all rosy since then. At all. The most recent weirdness happened today. I responded to the status update of a friend and suddenly found myself being addressesed by someone else responding. Someone I'd supposedly gone to high school with but I was drawing a blank. She appologized for her behavior toward me in school--again a blank. And then she said something about the person I dated most of those years. It didn't make any sense and even if there was truth to it, who cares? It was over 20 years ago. There is something about Facebook that makes it so easy to revert to our old selves. The selves that knew these folks once upon a time. The thing is, these selves were not grown ups and some of them aren't to this day.

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  1. i experience facebook weirdness on a regular basis. Its almost always my fault. Hooking up with people from my distant past has been a very awkward experience for me. The expectation i will be what they knew. my insistence on showing them, often not very tactfully, that i am most definitely not.

    So yeah... facebook.


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